Lee® Launches Global Collection Featuring Iconic Art by Jean-Michel Basquiat

Lee® is excited to announce the release of a new collection that showcases the work of the renowned artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. This unique capsule collection is available globally and marries Lee’s legendary denim with Basquiat’s groundbreaking art, creating distinctive styles for both men and women.

Basquiat burst onto the New York City art scene in the 1980s, captivating audiences with his vibrant colors and striking graphics. His work has cemented him as a global cultural icon and left an indelible mark on contemporary art. Similarly, Lee has been a major influence in the denim world for over 100 years, with iconic pieces like the Lee Rider™ jacket, a style that is often imitated but never duplicated.

Drawing inspiration from Basquiat’s unique style and personality, the Lee denim pieces serve as a canvas for his neo-expressionist artwork. The collection includes splatter-painted jeans, boldly-striped sweaters, and denim jackets adorned with Basquiat’s famous motifs such as the “Warrior” and “Pez Dispenser.”

“Lee has always celebrated originality, and in our 100 years, we’ve been a part of American culture, especially during the ’80s in NYC,” said Brigid Stevens, Global Vice-President of Marketing at Lee. “The Lee x Basquiat collaboration fuses art, style, and culture together to deliver pieces that are timeless and also unique – original icons made even more so with these iconic pieces of art.”

The collection features an array of items for men and women, including jackets, bottoms, tops, tees, sweaters, and sweatshirts. Some highlights include:

  • Men’s Striped Blazer and Pant: Inspired by Basquiat’s paint-splattered suits, these ’80s-inspired coordinates feature white pinstripes and Basquiat’s crown motif, blending vintage formalwear with streetwear.
  • Women’s and Men’s Laser-Printed Denim: Denim jackets, a wide-leg overall for women, and a carpenter jean for men, all laser-printed with Basquiat’s iconic motifs, including his famous crown.
  • Men’s Denim Rider Jacket: A modern take on the original Lee Rider™ jacket that reverses to reveal a print of Basquiat’s painting “Phooey,” which explores themes of consumption and property.
  • Men’s Long Sleeve Warrior Tee: A cotton tee featuring Basquiat’s self-portrait “Warrior,” depicting his view of himself in the art world.
  • Women’s Striped Pez Dispenser Cardigan: A vintage-style sweater with bold stripes inspired by Basquiat’s “Pez Dispenser,” featuring the artwork as a patch.
  • Women’s Cuffed Printed Carpenter Jean: Jeans with exaggerated cuffs showcasing mural drawings of Basquiat’s muses, including sketchbook-style anatomy and his signature crown.
  • Women’s and Men’s Printed Sweaters: Sweaters inspired by Basquiat’s art, reflecting themes of royalty, poverty, and life.

“Lee brought such a fresh perspective to Jean-Michel’s iconic artworks,” said David Stark, Founder and President of Artestar, the agency representing the Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat. “We hope this collection will inspire a new generation of creatives.”

The price range for this collection is $65-$220, offering a range of options for fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

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